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Overview projects and teams

Project AClaiming a Common World? Gender in Environmental Law and Climate Litigation; Humboldt University Berlin, Faculty of Law
Team:   Susanne Baer   Petra Sußner   Marie-Luise Hartwig

Project B: Self-empowerment in juridified spheres. Changes of gendered collectives in workplace and employment​​.​​​​​; European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Law
Team:   Eva Kocher   Isabell Hensel   Judith Höllmann   Vanessa Kasprick   Theresa Tschenker (associate member)

Project C: Reinventing Collectivity? The 'Rediscovery' of Commonality. An Investigation of Discours-es and Practices of Urban Co-housing; TU Berlin, Social Science 
Team:   Sabine Hark   Hanna Meißner   Bettina Barthel  Nina Fraeser  Vanessa Einbrodt

Project D: Male alliances of military and fire department - political interest groups and legal interventions; University of Potsdam, Social Science
Team:   Maja Apelt   Ray Trautwein   Henrik Dosdall

Project E: The Mobilization of Law through / as Collectivization? Anti-Discrimination and Equality Law as Institutional and Political Practice; Humboldt University Berlin, European Ethnology
Team:   Beate Binder   Martina Klausner   Nabila El-Khatib   Alik Mazukatow   Hendrik Steppke   Michèle Kretschel 

Project F: Homosexual emancipation movements and legal framework in the Federal German Republic from 2002 and 1945; FU Berlin, History Science
Team:   Martin Lücke   Veronika Springmann   Adrian Lehne   Maria Ganten