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Prof. Dr. Maja Apelt

Professor of Organizational and Administrative Sociology at the University of Potsdam
Principal Investigator of sub-project D: “The Organization of Consumer Protection – Political Actors and Legal Framework”

Participating in the DFG research group gives me the opportunity to deepen the study in my own field of research – organizations in general and the gender relations in the military in particular - from a legal sociological perspective which is new to me. The exchange with my colleagues is challenging, but always rewarding.

For publications in German please refer to the German version of this page.


  • Apelt, Maja und Jana Hunnius (2018): „The Effect of Space on Boundaries within Organizational Networks“.

    In: Ringel, Leopold; Hiller, Petra und Charlene Zietsma (Hg.): Toward Permeable Boundaries of Organizations? Special Issue of “Research in the Sociology of Organizations”. Bingley: Emerald, S. 283-302.