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Dr. Bettina Barthel

Research Assistant (postdoc) in sub-project C: “Within and Beyond Law? Feminist Perspectives on Urban and Housing Commons”
Center for Interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies (ZIFG), Technical University Berlin

Within the research project, I am accompanying the establishment of the first Community Land Trust in Germany. From a commons-theoretical perspective, I am particularly interested in two aspects (and their connection): on the one hand, the question of building the 'community', of openness and diversity, that is of implicit or explicit inclusions and exclusions in access to the collective structures; on the other hand, how the law affects the practice of commoning and individual & collective subjectivities. Is it possible to use current current law for the development of legal forms that protect the commons. What is regulated 'beyond' law? It is important to me to take up the challenge of engaged ethnographic research and to make the research a shared learning process that can achieve both - yield theoretical gains and being relevant for the praxis.

For publications in German please refer to the German version of this page.