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Bettina Barthel

Graduate sociologist and doctor of political science,  researcher in the subproject C: Reinventing Collectivity? The ›Rediscovery‹ of Commonality. An Investigation of Discourses and Practices of Urban Co-housing

I am contributing to the project with my qualitative social science research experience, with knowledge from working on a study on common good oriented real estate development for the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, as well as with my practical knowledge from years of consulting work for housing projects and initiatives. From this perspective I am interested in the critical discourse analysis of 'cohousing'. I am excited about working with the concept of the commons. First it offers a procedural and de-essentialized understanding of the 'community', according to which communities of users are created in common action in relation to the good they use. On the other hand, its theoretical and legal implications allow to ask for housing commons as alternatives to the market, private property and the state.