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Merlin Sophie Bootsmann, M.A.

Research Assistant in sub-project F: “Human rights, queer genders and sexualities since the 1970s”
Department of History Didactics, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, Free University Berlin

As a historian working on queer history, I am interested in the intersections between the history of education and social movements in the mobilisation of human righty by LGBTIQ* collectives since the 1970s. How did these build their education work and politics with the help of human rights? Which influences did the usage of human rights on the very same movements on the other hand? Which effects did all this have on the formation of gay, lesbian, LGBTIQ* or even queer collectives and collectivities?

Merlin Sophie Bootsmann, Research Assistant at the department of history didactics, FU Berlin

History | Sexuality | Law: Blog about the entanglement of law with sexuality and gender in historical context

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