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Prof. Dr. Hanna Meißner

Researcher in TP C: Reinventing Collectivity? The ›Rediscovery‹ of Commonality. An Investigation of Discourses and Practices of Urban Co-housing.

I am interested in the discursively expressed expectation that co-housing projects, understood as a quest for new spaces of shared day-to-day commonality, can provide answers to societal challenges, induced by, for instance, demographic change, individualization, high professional workload, and the erosion of gendered care regimes. As a sociologist, I situate this expectation in current controversies debating whether new forms of community and commonality open up emancipatory possibilities of self-determined sociality or, rather, function as stopgaps in a transformation of the welfare state geared to individualized responsibility. The research design of a dispositive analysis promises insights in terms of empirical findings as well as conceptual reflexions with regard to this contemporary tension.