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Vanessa Einbrodt, B.A.

Former Student Assistant in sub-project C: “Reinventing Collectivity? The ‘Rediscovery’ of Commonality: An Investigation of Discourses and Practices in Urban Co-housing”
Center for Interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies (ZIFG) at Technical University Berlin 
Student of Social Sciences at Humboldt-University of Berlin.

I am interested in exploring in how far community living is understood as an answer to current social problems. I am thinking, for example, of discussions about the increasing retreat of the state from social welfare in connection with the progressing commodification of housing, changing living conditions of the elderly in an aging society, or the feminization and migrantization of care work in the domestic sphere. Moreover, I would like to know who is spoken to, about, and with in the discourse on co-housing,  and thus which subjects are being constituted by it. I am particularly exited about the methodological diversity—building on and supplementing discourse analysis—used to approach the research, which includes methods of mapping and case studies.

Fakultät I Geisteswissenschaften: Studentische Mitarbeiter_innen (